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Recup Boost

Recup Boost

Gives your pigeons much needed addition to the internal damage after a race to recover within a time span of 30 minutes. Contains a unique blend which guarantees a fast, high and progressive carbohydrate intake. Additionally Recupfly Boost contains a composition of plants that have a direct influence on the organs, the resistance as the muscles and joints of the pigeons. Most pigeons returning at home, first drink and eat later on. By adding Recupfly Boost to the water you accelerate the recovery of your pigeons directly. Because of this your pigeons get a boost and can restore.


30 ml contains: Sugarsyrup (dextrose 8%, sucrose 55%, maltose 6%, others 31%) – Dextrose – Water - Potassium citrate – Sodium citrate –Calcium citrate – Magnesium citrate – Preservative: Potassium sorbate – Silibum marianum/St. Mary’s thistle extr fl – Ribes nigrum/Black currant extr fl - Drosera rotundifolia/Sundew extr fl - Manganese citrate - Salvia officinalis/Sage extr fl - Glycyrrhiza glabra/ Licorice – Grindelia robusta/Grindelia - Iron citrate.

User instructions

30 ml per 2 liter drinking water (measuring cup)

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1000.00 ml
€ 21.95
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