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Below are some frequently asked questions about the products of Bel Pro Fly. Is your question not listed? Please contact us with any query, feedback or story you wish to share by our contact form

Are Probelfly products in line with the doping charter of the KBDB (Royal Belgian pigeon federation)?

Through many years of experience in the nutritional supplements industry  "Probelfly" ensures that a sanitised production process is developed for all its products and a rigorous analysis for each and every production run.

Probelfly also developed the label PigeonPro @ Safe (PP @ S), which guarantees that the products are doping free. We are therefore convinced that these quality standards in the future will become the standard for "clean" nutritional supplements for the professional and amateur pigeon fancier alike.

The products were not only tested and approved as confirming within the "KBDB-doping charter." They are also safe for banned substances tests, on a worldwide stage, for all organisations.

Can these products be mixed together?

Absolutely and without any problems.

If the range of Probelfly will be expanded in the future, the product will be clearly marked as the possibility of them being mixed or not under certain conditions and any precautions that may be required.

What is the best way of storing 'Pro Bel Fly' products ?

Best kept in a cool and dry place with a temperature range between 10 to 25 degrees. Being in powder form, it is very important that the containers are sealed during storage to avoid high humidity.

Should I change the water every day?

The drinker is always a potential source of contamination. All products that are added in the drinker, are subject to deterioration upon exposure to light and air. For that reason, the best method is to make the products on daily basis, so the pigeons are always given fresh products of the highest quality.

When using Hepasan or Dolosan sometimes after a number of hours black spots arise in the drinker. Is this normal?

This can occur and are completely normal. In the preparation of the extracts, the protocol creates tiny particles suspended as a residue of the plant. We do not remove these particles because we use a remnant of the natural ingredients in these products. These black spots are totally harmless and are easily removed out of the drinker with a little water.

Can I give these products together with antibiotics?

There is no reason, with the current range of products, that they could not be used in conjunction with prescribed medication. If, in future development of the products the combination with antibiotics is not  advised , it will be clearly marked on the packaging.

Can I overdose?

If you administer the correct dosages they are perfectly safe, but a mistaken overdose will only result in vomiting or wet droppings.