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This certification from Pigeon Safe @ Pro, is your assurance that guarantees the products of Pro Bel Fly are free of banned substances.

The PigeonPro @ safe charter

  1. All formulations are rigorously checked regarding the sage use of the product, any possible side effects or contamination of banned substances.
  2. The products contain only authorized nutrients.
  3. Strict controls ensure there is no possibility of cross contamination, as all equipment used ofr production, is solely for the purpose of our products.
  4. All products are screened against any substance that could be considered as doping or banned substances.
  5. The entire production is in a specifically controlled environment to avoid any risk of contamination.
  6. In accordance with the PigeonPro @ safe label, those production batches that are complete, will nog be released for use until the independent laboratory delivers a "safe" certificate.
  7. All documents and data recordings are stored for at least two years after the expiry date of the product.