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PROBELFLY arose from the joint colaboration of pigeon fanciers and specilist vets with years of experience in the sport. Specialists in biochemistry, herbal medicine and the world of nutritional sports supplements, came together to meet the need for professional support in pigeon racing.

In 2013 we tested a number of products from the field of human sports nutrition on pigeons. We had results , but they did not fully meet our expectations.  So with the knowledge acquired from several scientific studies and practical experiences, they were further subjected to a thorough analysis.

From previous scientific studies, it was known that pigeons gave prolonged efforts using a completely different system of energy supply to humans. Therefore the products that add value to people, did not generate the same positive results with pigeons.

We recognised that it made no sense to emulate the existing products developed for human sports endurance. With this perspective we have changed our focus to supplements that are specifically developed for racing pigeons to finally achieve better results.

We redeveloped all the Pro-Bel-Fly products from scratch using the valuable knowledge gained from top performance athletes (Tom Boonen, Alberto Contador, professional football at KAA Gent, RSCA Anderlecht, Club Brugge, ...) on hydration, energy supply, muscle building, and recovery from exertion etc, but on we took into account that a racing pigeon is not equal to an average professional athlete.

The difference between winning and losing is the ultimate optimization of the nutritional supply. So to develop our products for performance pigeons, we have studied the recent scientific papers on parrots, poultry, migratory birds and of course pigeons to consider methodically and in great detail, the following issues:

  • Analysis of the nutritional requirements for maintenance and to deliver performance
  • Analysis of the differences between males and females
  • Optimization of building the energy reserve
  • The search for natural fabrics in order to enhance the immunity of the pigeons
  • The search for better recordable products

After the research phase was complete, a second procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, and reliability before they were taken into widespread use, with the help of professional fanciers and enthusiastic amateurs.

The results achieved were amazing, and it quickly became clear that we could continue with these new formulas to bring something innovative to the modern pigeon sport.

During the winter of 2015 we optimized the utilisation and we also contacted some professional and top amateur fanciers from home and abroad (China, UK, USA, ...) with the request to share our findings and above all, together would create yet a third testing season.

The responses of the test group and the results of their pigeons were so positive, that we are finally convinced that now, we can offer excellent support to all pigeon fanciers, in the maximum nutritional optimisation of their pigeons.  

Of course we realize that our product range is subject to continual growth. So much so that in the forthcoming years, we will strive to optimize our products and further complement the range. Let this be the challenge and a partnership we are happy to enter into with the fancier. Year after year, we want to work with you to achieve better results, to breed better pigeons, to gain more success which, above all, are results we can achieve together.